Maintaining a strong presence in today's market is about leveraging traditional communication channels while simultaneously navigating the ever-evolving arena of emerging media. At Manire, we specialize in doing exactly that. We are a Los Angeles-based, strategic marketing and communications firm that creates powerful, lasting connections between companies and their target audience. And we do it with originality, ingenuity and expertise. Our talented team of strategists and creatives are here with one goal in mind: to deliver a brand experience that's uniquely yours and expressly profound.

“I’m writing to endorse the work of Michelle Manire and her team, which has created and helps maintain a critical Web presence for our organization as part of key public affairs initiatives for the cable television industry. The highly creative and collaborative professionals there have demonstrated a strong ability to develop, design, aggregate, and implement precisely targeted Web-based and communications content under enormous time constraints. Specifically with NCTA-related projects, they have successfully worked collegially with large groups of assertive stakeholders to drive consensus on content and design issues, and to deliver product that is both substantively sound and eye-poppingly attractive. Their creative team has been remarkably flexible in meeting requests that range from the creation from scratch of flashy and contemporary Web content, to accommodating precise and predetermined client-developed content in an attractive package. In our experience, Michelle and her team of executives have been extraordinarily responsive to our needs and requests in a timely fashion, have been adept at steering and participating in large group discussion of all elements of communications campaigns and initiatives. Principals of the firm have demonstrated a keen ability to understand and assimilate our business objectives and to respond with exemplary recommendations that have furthered our goals. I’m happy to provide the highest recommendation to them and would be pleased to answer any questions regarding its capabilities.”
- Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), Washington DC

“Manire has created and helps maintain a critical web presence for our organization.”
- Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), Washington DC (more)

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About Us

The number one rule at Manire is that there are no rules. We’re not saying this because we’re trying to sound unconventional, although we kind of are. We’re saying this because we believe that true innovation comes from a place where limitations are questioned, and where boundaries are tested. We’re also saying this because we’ve tried it, and it works. When you remove the rules, you do things like generate powerful results for your clients, invent new avenues for consumer engagement, and secure big business. So if you’re looking for the perfect approach to marketing, forget the rules. Just remember us.

““Manire continually exceeds expectations with creativity and innovation combined with a keen sense of effective project management. I imagine we will work together for many more years to come.””
- Vice President of Marketing, Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), Washington DC
“Manire continually exceeds expectations with creativity and innovation combined with a keen sense of effective project management.”
- Vice President of Marketing, Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), Washington DC (more)

Our Founder


Michelle Manire
Founder, President

Michelle began her career in marketing selling mortgages for her mother’s loan company. Her mom thought it would help Michelle overcome her shyness, and it worked: within a year she became the company’s top-selling broker. She was 14.

A few years later, a now-very-outgoing Michelle was celebrating her bachelor’s degree (marketing, naturally) and discovering what would prove to be a trademark ability to do the impossible. Case in point, her first job: When the advertising director of a local newspaper said she had no positions available, Michelle simply offered to create her own. If she didn’t pay for herself within a month, she proposed, she could fire her. Michelle not only surpassed all expectations, she quickly secured a reputation as the person who could “create something from nothing.” And that’s exactly what she did at her next job.

In 1998, she accepted a position – one created especially for her – with Time Warner Cable to boost their local advertising revenue. Equipped only with a desk, a phone and a blank contact list, she built sales from $0 to over $1,000,000 in less than a year.

In 2001, Michelle left Time Warner Cable to partner with a one-time client to form Pinnacle Advertising, LLC. Under Michelle’s leadership as president and sales director, Pinnacle Advertising has successfully doubled sales revenue year after year. Her expertise in building brands, strategic approach, in-depth knowledge of the creative genre and powerful grasp of new media have helped her clients stand out in a crowded market. By exploring less-traditional avenues of marketing and inventing new approaches to branding, Michelle has created impressive success for her clients and herself.

Out of Pinnacle Advertising’s unprecedented success emerged Michelle’s latest venture: Manire. Much like its creator, this unlike-any-other firm offers an entirely inventive and unmistakably original approach to strategic marketing and communications. Her focus is on where people are going, not where they’ve been. She knows how to blend traditional forms of media with new age, interactive and free media that gets people talking.

Michelle’s strategic and customized approaches has lead to numerous speaking engagements on marketing, sales, and people development, and to over 10 years of work with Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), serving as WICT’s president in 2004 and tripling the organization’s membership that year. A Los Angeles native, Michelle resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Andy, their three yellow Labrador Retrievers (yes, three) and cat who thinks she's a dog.

Services Overview

Manire is comprised of a multi-faceted team of professionals with a demonstrated ability to shift with the changing landscape of the global market. Each of us comes from a unique background, and each of us has a specific set of skills to bring to the marketing and communications process. Together, we’re able to produce truly original, effective approaches to brand engineering & development, strategic & media planning/buying, trend forecasting & analysis, creative/art direction and graphic/image/product design.


Creative Strategy

Brand & Identity Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Website Design & Development

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Viral Campaigns


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Christmas is nostalgic because someone branded it that way.

Sometimes it’s ok to sprain your tail from over wagging.

Our Work

When it comes to our work, our approach is simple: Understand your business and competition and develop strategies that optimize your position in the marketplace. All the while, we provide a level of service that’s unparalleled in quality and sophistication. Our portfolio, as a result, is equally impressive.
PSAs for NCTA's Internet Literacy and Child Safety Initiative_image

PSAs for NCTA's Internet Literacy and Child Safety Initiative

Project Description

As a complement to the (NCTA's Internet literacy and child safety initiative) web site, develop videos to provide parents with the tools and resources to help keep their children safe online.


  • Provide parents with tools and resources to ensure their children enjoy a safe Internet experience.

  • Drive traffic to the website.

  • Demonstrate to consumers and to Washington DC regulators that cable providers are doing their part to educate parents on what kids are doing online.

  • Engage the cable companies and networks enough so they would want to run these PSAs.


  • Develop videos that, while designed specifically for the website, could easily to translate into PSA campaign.

  • Working within an aggressive deadline, we needed to generate/submit concepts, scripts, secure client approval, cast on-air and voiceover talent, scout locations, obtain permits and insurance and film/direct/edit/produce a series of six spots.

  • Design entertaining yet instructional content to communicate Cable’s Online Safety Code of Conduct that promises to:
    • Offer parental controls or filters free of charge to help families manage, and if appropriate, block online content.

    • Offer educational resources for parents and children to better understand how they can manage their internet experience.

    • Participate in partnerships with school and community-based education groups to develop, promote and disseminate internet safety materials.

    • In conformity with all legal requirements, cooperate with law enforcement officials to help prevent, police and prosecute potential criminal activity online.


We initially positioned this series as an online campaign to complement the website but, as this project evolved, we realized it would be a powerful PSA campaign. We pitched the idea to the client who, while appreciative of the concept, felt the campaign would not garner support from the cable companies and networks. We nodded our heads, scratched ‘em for a second and then said, "Well, can we go ahead and shoot them in high definition, just in case these videos prove to be" - knowing we fully intended them to be - "the exception?" The client said, "Sure." Soon thereafter, we had six fully produced spots and, within a few short months cable companies and networks across the country were clamoring to run them on air. In the end, we produced a total of twenty-four versions, including :30, :15 and :10 spots, all of which could be tagged and co-branded by cable systems and networks. Win-win-win.


The web site went up. The videos played. The calls came. Cable companies and networks across the nation wanted to know if these spots would be running as PSAs. NCTA said, "Yes...Why, yes, of course... That was the intention all along." But these videos-turned-PSAs did more than become the first-ever high-definition campaign run by NCTA. They became the most requested PSAs in NCTA history.

NBC Universal – On Demand Media Buy for NBC Universal Film_image

NBC Universal – On Demand Media Buy for NBC Universal Film

Project Description

Get television viewers to purchase NBC Universal’s film, “Deliver us from Eva,” through their cable provider’s On Demand service.


  • Identify and research target markets across the country
  • Develop a buying strategy that would achieve the highest reach and frequency at the lowest possible cost


  • Maximizing reach and frequency while minimizing expense
  • Securing highly coveted primetime hours within the confines of a predetermined budget


We first identified the film’s target audience and, based on that, researched the top urban Demographic Market Areas (DMAs) in the country. We then analyzed media available in those DMAs, ultimately determining that radio would best achieve NBC Universal’s advertising objectives.

Keeping our client’s budgetary concerns in mind, we worked closely with top radio stations in each market to negotiate atypically low rates for primetime hours. Then we took it a step further, securing a series of value-added spots which enabled us to achieve high reach and frequency at an unprecedented value.


As soon as it launched, the radio campaign immediately delivered results. On Demand sales of the movie increased dramatically, translating into measurable dollars and higher profits for NBC Universal.

National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) Website Design_image

National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) Website Design

Project Description

Reface to make it more user-friendly and engaging.


  • Design a website that showcases cable as a progressive, innovative leader in the industry.

  • Provide a user-friendly experience by creating a hierarchy of information while maintaining their current information architecture.


  • Reface a content-heavy website while maintaining their current information architecture.

  • Highlight the Cable industry's current initiatives in a clean, user-friendly format.

  • Design a far-from-the-typical government site that, while engaging, still works within NCTA standards, guidelines and regulations.


Starting with best practices, we worked closely with NCTA to clearly define what goes above and below the fold. We then gathered information about their current initiatives to help us create a solid hierarchy to design a rich, user-friendly interface. With the initiatives being at the top of their list, we used a large portion of real estate on their homepage and created an innovative and engaging flash piece that entertains and easily provides in-depth information in video and written formats.

We used a muted color palate that compliments NCTA's brand while highlighting secondary and tertiary topics that provides an easy to follow structure.


Industry-wide praise on the user-friendly and innovate design. More time has been spent on since it's re-launch.

The Original Pizza Cookery (local) – Social Media Management_image

The Original Pizza Cookery (local) – Social Media Management

Project Description

Leverage the power of social media to create a more powerful online presence for The Original Pizza Cookery.


  • Gain new business, increase consumer interest and build customer loyalty.
  • Get the word out about their brand new gluten-free and vegan menu items.


  • Make social media a more accessible and understandable entity for a traditionally brick-and-mortar business.
  • Comfortably transition the client and its brand into the realm of social media.


We first familiarized the client with social media, providing a general overview of what it is and how it works. We then outlined its various tools, and explained its emergence and presence as a powerful promotional vehicle for building business and customer loyalty.

Based on their needs, we recommended they launch into social media via its two most prominent sites: Facebook and Twitter. We also suggested we manage their brand on consumer review sites, like Yelp.

Next, we worked hand-in-hand with them to determine how to communicate their brand's personality to the online community. We emphasized the importance of creating genuine, conversational and engaging content. We asked them what they wanted to tell their customers about their business, about their menu, about themselves. Once we answered questions like these, we were able to build pages that made their brand both personable and inviting.

After building and launching their pages, we began identifying and pursuing potential fans on Facebook and followers Twitter who would be interested in their product. We also leveraged Facebook’s behavioral targeting ad tool, and increased their fan base by developing five different ads that effectively reached five different audiences.


Visibility instantly increased: restaurant customers mentioned—and responded positively to—seeing the Original Pizza Cookery on Facebook and Twitter. The Original Pizza Cookery amassed over 700 fans on Facebook and hundreds of followers on Twitter in a short amount of time, many who are new customers. Through our efforts to manage their brand reputation on Yelp, any poor reviews were earnestly addressed, and, as a result, business and customer loyalty increased dramatically. Their initial launch into the realm of social media was so successful, we’ve incorporated next-generation sites into their strategy, starting with Foursquare.

NCTA's Internet Literacy and Child Safety Initiative - PointSmartClickSafe.org_image

NCTA's Internet Literacy and Child Safety Initiative -

Project Description

Design and develop an engaging, user-friendly web site to promote online safety & Internet literacy for children and families.


  • Provide parents with tools and resources to ensure their children enjoy a safe Internet experience.

  • Create a Website that, while content-heavy, is unintimidating to less Internet-savvy users.

  • Demonstrate to consumers and to Washington DC regulators that cable providers are doing their part to educate parents on what kids are doing online.

  • Engage the media so they will spread the word about the importance of online safety & Internet literacy for children.


  • Create a far-from-the-typical government site that is as engaging and compelling as it is educational and instructional.

  • Develop a technically savvy yet user-friendly interface that provides comprehensive content without compromising ease of navigation.

  • Design an online domain whose themes and content work in conjunction with the current campaigns of cable companies & networks.

  • Craft a site that doubles as a public relations tool focused on gaining the approval of DC regulators and solid coverage/attention from the press.


Our consumer research revealed that people without web experience needed “real world technology and familiar tools” to help them navigate inside the HTML arena. We conducted a customized photo shoot featuring such items – a stack of books, cell phone, e-game player, multi-media device, laptop & newspaper – for the home page. Each object represents a point of navigation. Pop-up bubbles, images, banner ads and video were also incorporated throughout the site to provide depth to the content without overwhelming the user.

To take it one step further and create an even more engaging experience, we added a video component to the site that focused on internet literacy and child safety from the children’s, parents’ & educators’ perspective. These spots, which we also wrote, cast, filmed, directed & edited, evolved into the most demanded Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign from Cable companies and Networks across the country.


We’ll let Christina Anderson, Vice President of Online Strategy for NCTA (a.k.a. the Client) tell you in her own words: “The cable industry realized a national campaign that its companies could embrace in their efforts to reach out to families, communities and customers. [Manire’s] work on this has won praise not only from cable industry companies but from leaders and organizations around the nation that passionately advocate online safety and Internet literacy for American families.”

Embraced and incorporated by over 200 cable companies and networks across the country, this campaign grew to become one of the most successful initiatives put out by NCTA.

Brand Boulevard of Cars Television Campaign

Project Description

Create a compelling television campaign on behalf of Glendale, California’s 22 automotive dealers that would motivate local residents to purchase their vehicles in Glendale.


• Create a non-typical car commercial by working with the Glendale Police and Fire Chiefs to encourage people to keep their money in Glendale because taxes help pay for police and fire departments.

• Create a campaign that would resonate with the local community on an emotional level.

• Increase vehicle purchases in Glendale, California.


• Getting 22 automotive dealers to agree on a campaign that goes against everything they’re used to.

• Scheduling with local authorities to shoot and direct.


As with all of our approaches, we started by doing our due diligence by first scheduling time with each Chief’s right hand people and walking through each facility to gain a clear understanding of how we can incorporate the importance of each into the commercials. Next we took still pictures of each area to help us lay out the flow of the script. Instead of something that was completely scripted, we took a more genuine approach to each spot by creating a list of questions that would evoke the emotion and connection we were looking for that would resonate with the local community. We shot each in an almost documentary style format showing how each station worked, why it was important and how each was a crucial part of Glendale’s community. Each Chief was the voice over while we cut to them on screen intermittently.


Our approach and execution proved extremely successful, resonated with the community and improved auto sales substantially.


Telly Award - Bronze

Information Category for flash piece for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

Webby Award

Family/Parenting for for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

Telly Award - Bronze

PSA Category for for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

W3 Award - Silver for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

International Davey Award - Silver

Navigation for for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

International Davey Award - Silver

CIO.IT Packaging for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

International Davey Award - Silver

B to B Campaign WICT Gala for Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT)

International Davey Award - Silver

Home Page for for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

Communicator Award

Overall excellence for for National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

“Michelle has amazing tenacity when executing on a project. We provided her with a media buy assignment that was quite challenging and through creativity and “leaving no stone unturned” she not only provided, but exceeded the results we were seeking.”
- Vice President, Marketing, NBC Universal Digital Distribution
“Manire exceeded the results we were seeking.”
- Vice President, Marketing, NBC Universal Digital Distribution (more)

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January 6, 2011
Rick Dees, legendary entertainer and radio personality, has secured Manire to help with marketing strategy. (more)


July 27, 2009
Los Angeles Based Manire Was Recognized For Excellence (more)


November 5, 2008
Los Angeles Based Manire Received Silver Award For CIO.IT Directory for NCTA (more)


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November 5, 2008


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At Manire, we’re committed to helping our clients win more business, penetrate more markets and earn more profits. Achieving these goals requires a team that’s as motivated and energetic as it is knowledgeable and focused. And we’re just as interested in seasoned professionals who know the industry inside-and-out as we are in recent graduates spilling over with out-of-the-ordinary ideas. What ultimately defines your value is the quality of your work. So show us what you’ve got and, if we think you’re a good fit, we’ll let you know.

We recruit talent in four general areas: business development, account management, creative services, and technology. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please send a cover letter and resume to

Business Development

Our business development team focuses on building symbiotic relationships with the senior managers—and anyone else who affects decision making—of client companies. Their central aim is to identify and approach prospective key clients and, ultimately, transform them into new business.

Each member of our business development team shares an unwavering commitment to service. They have sales experience and know how to foster truly genuine, mutually beneficial client relationships. They also know how the Internet can affect, both positively and negatively, businesses.

Account Management

Account managers are super stars. They ensure our clients are happy (if not ecstatic) with our services and, in general, are willing bend over backwards to keep them that way. Holding fast to the tenants of Manire’s Client Services Delivery Model, they oversee projects from start to finish, ensuring we’re delivering on our promises and, when need be, managing their expectations. The primary client liaison, our account managers lead project teams of business, technology, creative services and social media professionals.

Manire’s account managers are exceptionally organized, detail-oriented professionals with at least 5 years of experience and an up-to-date knowledge of today’s business tools, practices and technology.

Creative Services

Ranging from production artists and designers to copywriters and creative directors, these folks work hand-in-hand with our account managers and project team to develop creative solutions that are undeniably impressive and measurably effective. Whatever their background, each member of our creative services team shares a common quality: the ability to deliver truly original, resourceful solutions for our clients.

Our creative services team members have 5+ years of experience in copywriting, art direction, or creative design and are equally adept with Mac and PC operating systems. They also have proven expertise with one or more of the following technologies: Photoshop, Quark, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, DHTML, Fireworks, Freehand and/or Illustrator.


Manire’s technology team make Internet magic. They transform our client’s web-based business needs into bona fide online applications. While their backgrounds may differ, each member of our technology team has a diverse set of programming, database and software development skills. They’re also impressively adept at learning new technologies quickly. Focusing on ensuring the end product meets or exceeds the project’s core requirements, they work hand-in-hand with client and creative services teams to analyze, design, program, asses and modify online solutions.

Each member of the Manire technology team has a BA/BS in Computer Science, at least 2 years’ related experience and a working knowledge of HTML, DHTML, Javascript, ASP, SQL, Perl, JSP, Java, COM, PHP, C/C++ and/or XML.


Manire's support staff is the backbone of the organization. He or she is proficient with excel, word, powerpoint and other common software. He or she is a solid multi-tasker, detail-oriented and smooth under pressure. Reading people's minds is just another effortless skill they possess. He or she interacts professionally with all levels internally and externally which includes vendors and clients.

This person(s) has a BA/BS in marketing, communications or related field. Previous work experience not required. We'll mold you to perfection.

Social Media

Manire's social media team consists of highly skilled strategists who understand what it means to properly integrate brands into the social media world. They oversee all aspects of social media, measure results, manage brand reputations and are the face of that brand on targeted social media platforms. They are consistently immersed with new and emerging technology and are able to pinpoint new trends with sharp percision.

Each member of the Manire social media team has a BA/BS in new media, marketing, strategy or related field.